Height Adjustable Standing Desk


Height adjustable from 630-1280mm

Dimensions 1600 * 750

Electrical height adjustable table with 4 pre-sets digital control

Colour: white table top with silver frame

1 year guarantee

Out of stock


The best selling ergonomic Standing Desk – White Worktop with Silver Frame. This is the best height adjustable standing desk available in Ireland. Limited stock available.

Using a standing desk will change your life. Having the option to move between sitting and standing effortlessly will mean you can stand more often yet take breaks whenever you need. The benefits of using a standing desk include:

  • Increased energy
  • Improvements in posture, especially neck and upper back. Say goodbye to stooped posture
  • Reduction in back pain due to your spine being in a more natural position for longer periods
  • Better sleep at night

Our standard Height Adjustable Desk in white with silver frame is perfect for the home or office. Quality construction and the most configurable ergonomic sit stand desk in Ireland. Many satisfied customers all over the country.

Ireland's best value standing desk

  • Height adjustable from 630-1280mm
  • Dimensions: 1600 width * 750 depth
  • Electrical height adjustable table
  • Colour: white table top with silver frame (the main image shows the desk without optional support bar connecting the legs)
  • 1-year guarantee.
  • Money-back guarantee and trial period.
  • Delivered in easily assembled flat-pack in 72 hours.


If you require an assembled desk please contact us: info@standingdesk.ie

Free Delivery in Dublin County. Flat fee of €50 delivery for the rest of Ireland.



Additional information

Weight 65 kg


  1. Alan Duffy

    Solid desk with plenty of space. The motor works very well and the presets make it so easy to use. Happy with the product

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