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Did you know that in Scandinavia over 90% of employees have the option of using a standing desk? ‘Sitting disease‘ as it's called is responsible for much more than just extra fat around the waist. Poor posture, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, back problems, tight hips, poor circulation, and chronic tiredness can all be symptoms of sitting for long periods of time. Sitting is one of the most unnatural positions for the human body. Take a stand for your health! Experience more energy and concentration at work! A standing desk could be the best investment you will ever make. Your health and finances will be better in the long run.

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Standing desks from are motorized, height-adjustable desks for home and office. The desks are fully adjustable using a LED controller which also allows preset height levels to be saved and quickly selected. Standing desks help improve posture, energy levels, and well-being and counter the ill effects of sitting for long periods of time. The perfect workstation for home and office.

Don't waste your money on cheap Ikea standing desks! Get a workstation that will last!