1. Pay attention to your posture. Bad posture will cause you issues whether you’re sitting or on your feet. Your ears, hips, and knees should all be in line. If your hips are too far forward or back your spine is in a less than optimal position. Posture affects everything from the health of your spine to how people perceive you.


    1. Try to unlock your knees to remove strain. If you can stand with a slight bend in the knees for small periods of time this will help improve flexibility, strength in the quads, and promote joint health.


    1. An adjustable surface for working from will help with changing the height incrementally, thus varying the angles that your arms, back and neck are in. Try standing on a block, using an inclined surface, or a massage ball under the feet to vary the level.


    1. Get an anti-fatigue mat to take the load off your feet


    1. Walk around occasionally to loosen up the legs. This will be much easier to do regularly as you’re already on your feet. If possible, try squatting down a couple of times to loosen the lower back and put the legs into a different position. Squatting and sitting are two very different movements. Squatting is a natural human position. Sitting is definitely not.


    1. Do yoga regularly to strengthen your core and to maintain good posture, which in turn will make standing less tiring.


    1. Try to plan meetings at your desk and only make one chair available so everyone will have to stand. Sit for lunch and sit for breaks but otherwise, try to plan your day around strategic periods of standing.


    1. Exercise early in the day to get the blood flowing and the muscles primed for standing.


    1. When answering the phone try to stand or pace if possible.


    1. Walk in the footsteps of CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg who promote strolling around the block during meetings. Walking meetings have since become quite popular in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, the Irish weather doesn't permit this activity year round (and even in the summer) but we should take any opportunity to walk during meetings as the benefits are far-reaching.